Sustainable ?

12 Trillion+ reasons !

According to the "2018 Report on Sustainable, Responsible & Impact Investing Trends” by Morgan Stanley, there are US $12.1 trillion dollars for sustainable investments.

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Sustainable Bonds
Business Solutions
Sustainable Strategy

Integrate a sustainability strategy into the organizations DNA

Impact Measurement

Implement indicators linked to the SDG’s to identify impact areas & improvements within the organization

Risk & Compliance (SARAS Analysis)

Minimize threats & risk that organizations are exposed to on a daily basis with an integrated secured platform

Funding Solutions

Bring clients to financial inclusion, forming long term relations with corporate & multilateral banks

Carbon Accounting

Enabling institutions to assess and disclose greenhouse gas emissions of products/services portafolio

Customer Profiles

Provide 1 to 1 customer sustainable profiles taking into account economic, social & environmental policies

How It Works

BiiMPACTS is a sustainable management platform that helps organizations measure the impacts of their products / services, collaborators and sustainable actions. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, the 17 Goals are used as a guide for effective measurement.


All features in one web platform.


Secure information in cloud services.


Choose the modules that best suits.

Extra Features

BiiMPACTS includes a series of modules that help organizations measure direct and indirect impacts. It also includes more than 100 elements to strengthen the sustainable strategy

3 Sustainable Pilars

How to incorporate sustainability strategy in the organization, joining the 3 most important pillars: Products, Society and Leadership

SDG Metrics

Uses the Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations as a framework for measuring impacts

Carbon Accounting

Measuring financed emissions is the starting point to manage risk and identify opportunities associated with greenhouse gas emissions. PCAF methodology provides the tools for an effective measurement

Sustainable Score

Create individual profiles for clients to identify points for improvement, minimizing the risks associated with sustainable management

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